TESE 330

Collaboration, Consultulation, and Co-Teaching

Communication Profile

When we did our communication profile, I learned a lot more about myself than I expected. I thought that I understood how I was as a communicator, but I was wrong. I know that I like to pretend that I am not an emotional person, but I learned that it is part of my personality and that I have to accept it. Emotions drive many of my decisions and are a huge part of my personality. I also learned that I am a very observant person. I do not always feel that I have to be the one talking and that I am a lot more comfortable just listening. I am also a perfectionist. This creates many problems because I get extremely upset when I do not get the perfect grade or do not do things exactly how I want them done. I know that I have to work on accepting that not everything can be perfect and I have to be okay with that. My communication profile is something that I really enjoyed because I was able to learn so much about myself and take the time to truly understand how my personality impacts how I look at different aspects in life.


Opposing Sides Arguement

When we were first given this assignment I was not excited about it at all. I thought that it seemed really pointless, but I actually ended up taking a lot from it. I liked that we were given the option of what we wanted to argue about and it made us learn a lot about our co-teaching partners. We were able to learn what they were passionate about and also what they just were very neutral about. I also liked that it showed us exactly what could happen if we do not agree with our co-teaching partner. We were able to talk about our opinions and learn that you are not always going to get along with each other. You have to choose what battles you want to fight and I think it is extremely important to realize that you are not always going to agree on everything. Co-teaching is not always going to be easy and it is important to know that you do not have to agree with everything to be able to work with each other.

Co-Teaching Assignment

I learned a lot with our co-teaching assignment while we were actually teaching and during the process up to actually teaching the assignment. One of the biggest parts that I took away from this activity was that teaching gets easier over time. My confidence has started to build and although I still get nervous, I do not get as nervous as I used to. I also learned that it is important to take in everyone's opinions in the co-teaching process. We had a hard time coming up with times to meet because some of us felt confident enough, while another wanted to meet more often. We learned that we had to compromise even when we did not want to and I think that is incredibly important. I also learned that being prepared makes everything a lot easier. We had this lesson planned for about a month and so by the time that we actually taught the lesson we were completely ready for it. For myself, I would say that I learned that I like to be in control. I do not like depending on other people so I noticed that I tended to interject during our lesson because I thought my other teachers were going to forget a part. I will have to remember in my future to trust the teachers that I am working with and that they know exactly what they are doing. I think that it also comes with time and knowing how a person teaches, but I cannot be the one to interrupt them and I need to give them their own time to teach. I would say that throughout this semester I learned a lot about how to be a better partner or group member especially when it comes to teaching. I learned a lot about myself in group settings and how I work with others.


As I was observing the other teaching groups I was able to learn a lot about what makes a good teacher and what makes an okay teacher. I believe that enthusiasm and confidence have a lot to do with what makes a great teacher. If a teacher is going to be enthusiastic about something than his/her students will be just as enthusiastic. There were a couple of groups that also struggled because of confidence. Even in front of our peers, we should be able to be confident in what we are teaching. There was one group that struggled immensely because I feel that they did not prep as well as they could have. Their presentation was very awkward and I was not able to follow along with what was happening in the lesson. I also observed that it really does depend on your co-teaching partner. You have to be able to trust each other and know each other strengths and weaknesses to be able to work with each other.
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Be Yourself

Throughout this semester, I would say that the biggest discussion that I took away from this class is to be yourself. It is extremely important to stick to what you believe in and to achieve the goals that you want to achieve. There are always going to be people that want to tear you down and you cannot let them do that. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in second grade. I can promise there have been many people that have tried to push me in many different directions, but in my heart I know that I want to be the best teacher that I can be. I know what I believe in and it is extremely important to stick to my beliefs. I have loved hearing the different experiences and stories in this class, and I know that when I am down on my luck that I will remember that it cannot stay this hard and that things will always get better. I just have to always be me and stick to what I believe in.