Flora And Ulysses

Kate Dicamillo

Flora and Ulysses

Flora is a girl she is a cynic girl that has a friend named Ulysses and that,s her bff that means best friend forever and ulysses protect,s her when she gets hurt.and flora is ulysses favorite friend they love eachother like friends

flora and ulysses

Flora ulysses

Once there was a girl her name was flora she went to school,and people made fun of her because she was a nerd.And she wore nasty cloths and nasty shoes and she would cry when they would make fun of her.Then the months past and past and she made new friends and her friends defended her when she would get bullied.Then she made new friends again.And she never weared dirty clothes and she wasnt a nerd ever again.Then she never wore dirty shoes and she made alought of friends and then she had a bestie her name was dork and she was not a nerd like her.And at last she was the most popular girl in the world with her bestie and she was fancy like dork.

FLora ulysse

By Janelle and Natalie