The Ben @ CAYU update

My by-weekly, tri- monthly, occasional update letter.

Wow it's been a while

Each time I write an update, I always want to make sure I say thank you! We really have one of the best jobs on the planet, and I say "we" because you are the ones that make that possible. Through your partnership, we are able to mentor/ disciple/ and equip the next generation of teachers, politicians, garbage truck drivers, construction workers, oil field workers, and the list goes on. I hope that you never lose perspective on that:) You have empowered me, the people I directly impact and the many others they impact , to walk alongside students as they go through the many seasons of life, giving hope and exposing their potential. You are empowering us to have the time to listen to the ignored, befriend the friendless and to let the single parent know that they are not alone. You really are a key piece for positive change in our backyard, so thank you so much for supporting us.

The Horizon

Here are a couple things on our horizon

We are getting ready to take over 20 high school students on a trip of a lifetime to the downtown eastside of Vancouver. I say "a trip of a lifetime" because its on these trips that students from all walks of life and belief systems serve and get exposer to some of the hard realities of the world we live in. As a student is exposed to these realities they are often faced with a choice to either ignore or to be an agent of positive change in their communities.

Mel and I will also be helping lead a trip to Honduras in July with some young adults. This trip has very much the same heart behind it as the Vancouver, only it is aimed at those a little older. We will be helping run a summer camp for street kids as well as working within the local schools.

Please remember us in your prayers, and if you want to financially support Mel and I on this trip, that would be wonderful. We will be starting to fundraise soon here:)