Have you ever been to Athens?

By Camden Hutchison


Athenians loved to talk and argue,So they made a place to talk about the world around them.Plato 1 of the best thinkers thought Aristotle.Socrates encouraged people to ask questions instead live there life in silence.


The earliest Greeks thought that being sick or ill was a punishment sent by the gods.Also by doing sports people learned how the body worked.After Hippocrates medical students were able to name and describe each organ.

How do Greeks learn math

Greeks loved reasoning.They looked for logical answers to mysteries.The word Alphabet comes from 2 words alpha and beta this is just one of the connections but that is just 1 of them.


the greeks had 3 types of pillars Doric,Ionic,Corinthian.The temples are NOT to worship but FOR the gods.Pillars are 30 ft. high.This is a greek word meaning master builder.Greek styles are used for many houses today.This temple was a 8 by 17 in pillars.

The Olympic games are on

And now for the Olympic games.Do you ever wonder how we had the Olympic games and how they are made.In 776 B.C.E. Zeus held the first Olympic games.Sports is how the Greeks learned how the body worked.Roots of Greek sports.The Olympics are now in honor of the Greeks.


Most of our theaters and Athens theaters are mostly the the same theaters over there are round like ours but the theaters are outdoors instead of in doors and we mostly have movie theaters not live theaters.Ment a viewing place.Would hold 1000s of people.No women.