Got to Catch 'Em All!

Dallas Meader

Sploosh! As a new day was just unfolding, Elijah and I cast our lines into the small fishing hole. We had put our rods near our base camp which we had set up minutes before. Although it was not very spacious, we predicted it to be easier to catch our next meal. We let our lines sit, hanging in the murky water, letting an unsuspecting trout get a free "lunch". We talked and goofed off near base camp, and then we started to hear something suspicious. . ..

My rod started to lean into the pool, making me have to grab it to keep it from going in. The spool of line started to rapidly go farther out into the fishing hole. I started reeling it in, faster than the fish could pull it. Slowly but surely, the fish surfaced. I finally stared into the eyes of my first catch.

We spent the rest of the long day at the small hole. We mainly goofed off along the banks, and sometimes fed a passing bird. Another fish got on my lure, but it wasn't as hard to pull it in. Elijah caught two others, both almost back to back. No other fish were dumb enough to come for our bait, so we left earlier than we thought we would. Elijah and his family let us keep our catches to cook. Once they were cooked, all we could do was dig in.

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