Patagonia: Social Media Exploration

A Project By Matthew Arigo

About Patagonia

Patagonia is a clothing and outdoor gear manufacturer, located in Ventura, CA, making environmentally friendly products. They advertise their products to everyone from the avid outdoor enthusiasts to businessmen walking through the city streets on a brisk day. Patagonia's mission statement is "Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis". The company attempts to cut down on their environmental footprint and push people to go outside and enjoy nature. These goals are made difficult by increasing pollution and obesity, but nevertheless they still manage to make a change. Their values have amassed an enormous consumer and fan base.
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Patagonia's Social Media Presence

Patagonia ( has a large consumer and fan base can be seen on their social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. On their Twitter (@patagonia) they have tweeted almost 13,00 times and have over 340,000 followers. They follow around 2,300 people, mostly athletes and ambassadors partnered with the brand. Also, they have a list with all of the different branches of the company. On Instagram (@patagonia) they have an astounding 2.4 million followers, around 1,700 posts and follow about 500 people. Their Facebook (@PATAGONIA) has around 880,00 followers. Their Youtube channel (@Patagoniavideo) consists of short films and product reviews, and has over 80,000 subscribers. Also, they have a blog with stories and product reviews. They are active on all of these platforms.

Patagonia's Social Media Strategies

Patagonia mainly uses their social media pages to share pictures sent in by ambassadors and athletes. These pictures usually feature their products and involve outdoor sports or nature. They usually do not respond to customer comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube because of the enormous amount of feedback. Instead, they take feedback on their products on their website. Also, they use social media to show off new products. This helps to spread the news of new products so more people will want it. Patagonia uses the 4-C's of social media very well. They Create interesting content for their target audience with nature and product pictures. Their pages are Curated in an orderly manner that follows a nature and outdoor sports theme while also adding in posts that show their viewers other interesting things. Connecting with their consumer is done through their blog and website where they meet all of their customers needs. Lastly, a Community of adventurous, outdoorsy people has been built around the brand. This company's near flawless use of the 4-C's help them to build a strong foundation while simultaneously growing their company.
Forty-five Years in the Making

Patagonia Worn Wear Tour

Friday, March 10th, 10am-5pm

77 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA

At this event Patagonia will talk about how they rather fix an item rather than replace. They believe this will help to keep the memories someone has made with the jacket intact. They believe articles of clothing are "The Stories We Wear". Also at this event will be used gear trading and repairs. You can find more Worn Wear Tour dates here.