FSUS Sixth Grade Supply List


Welcome to 6th Grade!

The 6th Grade Team is very exited about our upcoming school year together!

Our team is requesting the following items to support our students in their transition to middle school. One of our key goals is to help our students gain organizational skills. These supplies are the first step to success.

We look forward to working together soon!

Best regards,

The 6th Grade Team


  • One 3" Durable or Heavy-Duty Binder with clear cover: Red
  • One 3" Durable or Heavy-Duty Binder with clear cover: Black
  • Two binder pencil pouches or one pencil case
  • One pack of dividers with pockets: 8 Count
  • One plastic folder with pockets
  • One 5 Subject spiral notebook
  • One package of graph paper

* Please note that students may be notified of additional materials needed for specific classes during the first week of school.

Items for Collective Use

All Students
  • Two boxes of tissues
  • Two packages of cap erasers
  • Two 12- pack ( or one 24-pack) of Crayola Classic colored pencils

Boys Only

  • Sanitizing Wipes
  • 4-pack Expo Markers

Girls Only

  • Hand Sanitizer (12 oz. or larger)
  • 4 Highlighers

* These items will be turned in to homeroom teacher during the first week.

Daily Classroom Needs

  • Pencils
  • Hand-held pencil sharpener
  • Pens (blue or black ink ONLY)
  • Notebook paper (wide-ruled)

* Many of these items will require replenishing throughout the school year.

Helpful Summer Information

Please see http://www.fsus.fsu.edu under the Parents/Students tab for updates on:

  • Summer Reading assignment
  • Summer Math packet
  • 6th Grade Transition Camp