News from Room 11

April 19, 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break! We are all excited to be back and we have some busy months ahead of us.

What we will be learning/doing Next Week:

* Language Arts Unit 5: Week 4- There are four seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter

- Vocabulary: outline, wondered, season, increase, blaze, scorch, observe

- Words to Know (read, spell, write): against, fall, sure, wondered, season, orange, yellow, below

- Grammar/Mechanics: synonyms and antonyms

- Phonics: ow and ou words. Spelling Words: cow, how, mouse, mouth, out, town

- Skill: Sequence: First, Next, Then, After That, Finally

* Math- Unit 5: Time

* Writing- using synonyms to write more powerful

Important Notes:

- Summer Enrichment enrollment is now open. Go to the SBSD website to learn more!

-We need more thin, dry erase pens for our daily language on white boards!!! We are rationing them and soon won’t have any pens to use at all. We do our daily word work on white boards each day and truly need dry erase pens to do our work. Next time you’re at Target or Staples, please pick up a box or two for room 11. Thanks!

-Unfortunately I’m finding a TON of broken pencils around the classroom. We’ve had a class chat about how to treat things however; I’m continuing to find chewed and broken pencils all around the room. Please have a chat with your child on how to use these tools.

-May 17 th is the LAST day to log books onto Books and Beyond!!!

Upcoming Events:

May 6th-10th: STAR Testing for grades 2-6. MAP Testing for 1st Grade. All volunteers canceled (in class, media center and art)

May 10th: First Grade Performance at 1:15 in the FAB

May 20th-24th SSF Ocean Week

May 23rd: Open House at 6:00

May 28th: Field Trip to Scripps Aquarium

May 30th: Gold Medal Ceremony


Christy Campbell