9th Grade

By: Grace Rodriguez & McKayla Meuangsaksith

What are people in this grade called?

  • Freshmen

What are the required courses?

  • English 9
  • World History 9
  • Geometry 9
  • Physics 9
  • Cardio for Life
Enriched for some courses (optional)

What is a regular day like?

  • 7 class periods
  • starts- 8:15 ends- 3:05
  • A, B, or C lunch

What are the responsibilities of a student your age?

  • Completing homework
  • Turn in on time
  • Good grades

What are some elective classes?

  • Career Planning
  • Child Development
  • Intro to Health
  • Intro to Business
  • AVID 9
  • Studio Arts 1
  • Wood Working
  • Choir/Symphonic Band/Orchestra
  • Spanish 1
Most are intro. classes for more advanced classes further into high school.

Are there any field trips?

"There aren't any field trips as a whole grade but, individual classes will go on trips that would relate to what is happening in that individual class." - Peyton Keech

What college or career readiness activities are required in this grade?

"Avid would be an optional class but it isn't required. I wouldn't say we have any that are required but we have a lot of opportunities to get involved in those activities."

- Peyton Keech

What extracurricular activities can you get involved with?

  • Band
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Fall, Winter, or Spring Sports

What would a freshman say about their grade?

"9th grade is pretty stressful with the homework load and everything. It will prepare you really well for the years that lay ahead. It's very fun and you have a lot more freedom to do the things you want. If I can give you any advice just make sure you try your best on your assignments and don't procrastinate. Also remember that a grade doesn't define you and who you are." - Peyton Keech

Who are some of your teachers?

  • Mr. Menzel, Physics/Chemistry X
  • Mrs. Hughes, Choir
  • Mr. Ulman, World History 9 Enriched
  • Miss McCarron, Spanish 1
  • Mrs. Hamilton, English 9 Enriched
  • Mr. Summers, Intro. to Health Occup.
  • Mr. Anderson, Geometry 9 Enriched

- Peyton Keech

Who is the counselor for your grade?

  • Ms.Krause

What standardized tests or college entrance exams will you take?

"Not gonna lie I think we get way to many standardized tests and they really stress everyone out. They aren't so bad but the fact that there are so many makes them stressful. I'm going to have to take the PSAT in the fall of sophomore year which I'm signing up for but, I don't believe that one is required. Then I'm required to take the ACT junior year. Then you also have opportunity to take the SAT but that one is not required." - Peyton Keech