France in the 1800's

The Social Classes of France in the 1800's

Marriage in 19th Century France

A spouse was almost seen as a must have in the 19th century. A person would usually marry someone within the same region and social class. Parents often initiated a marriage for economic reasons. Before marriage there was a time for the couple and family to get to know each other. Overall the women were forced to marry.


The aristocrats were the wealthiest. They often obtained this position from their parents. The men were well educated and were often politicians. The women often wore fancy clothing and attended many events such as operas and concerts. Overall the aristocrats lived a lifestyle of luxury.


The bourgeoisie grew from 18th century capitalist in the industrial and commercial fields. They often used mental skills and not physical labor. The men would strive to succeed, demanded success from their sons. Many men would often marry women of a higher class to gain wealth. The women mainly focused on their children. Art depicts that the women enjoyed the outdoors. Overall the bourgeoisie would strive to succeed.

Lower Class

The lower class grew from peasants in laborers from the 18th century. The lower class used physical labor more often than mental skills. The men often came from rural areas and worked in factories. The women were often seamstresses, peasants, maids, and shopkeepers. Overall the lower class had very little and worked very hard.