Its not worth it


-Social problems/ anxiety

-Emotional or physiological pain

-Feelings of anger, guilt, loneliness, hopelessness, and worthlessness

-many wonder why they exist

Basic thoughts you might have...

- Bad feelings can be reduced through certain actions

- Self-harm is OK

- Only drastic measures will let others know my feelings

- The human body is gross and should be punished


Self-harm is not meant as suicide

Self-harm is usually followed by guilt or shame

Men and women equally harm themselves in the teenage years but the number of men drop as they get older

Studies show that people are addicted to self-harm and the sense of relief can act as a way to get high

Self-injury releases hormones called beta-endorphin's which stop the pain and replace it with a good feeling/ a sense of release

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Confide in someone

- Share your secret with someone you can trust

- Find someone that makes you feel accepted and supported

- Take baby steps

Find out why you cut

- Identify your triggers

- Get in touch with your feelings

Find new coping techniques

- this is needed so you can stop the urge to self-injure