Vote Eddy Arnold for City Council

To get Flower Mound Ready Vote for Eddy!

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Oppose Drilling and Fracking

Eddy Arnold opposes drilling and fracking. Recently five children and two adults who live in a four mile radius of each other got leukemia at the same time as fracking operations had been expanded in Flower Mound. There has already been at least three major spills of gas drilling liquids which leaked thousands of gallons of harmful waste. Benzene has been found in air tests in areas all around the U.S. at dangerous levels, which can and has caused cancer. Eddy Arnold will shut down all gas operations within a half mile radius of schools, wells, neighborhoods, and daycares. Gas operations near neighborhoods reduce the value of its real estate. Eddy Arnold will stop Titan Industries from putting 20 wells on Hilliard field which is located right by The Flower Mound and Tom Thumb.

The Solution

Eddy Arnold will reduce drilling sites significantly. He will encourage residential and economic development in the rural half of the town by offering public infrastructure to start construction, offering state and federal tax exemptions to businesses, offering industrial revenue bonds and a break in public utility rates. Eddy Arnold's number one priority is the safety and well being of every citizen in this town!


Demographics Appeal

In these three demographics it is very easy to see the overwhelming majority we must appeal to in order to win. The first demographic shows the race and ethnicity break-up of Flower Mound in comparison to Texas and to the U.S. According to the graph the majority of the population is white at 85%. The second demographic shows the level of education. According to the statistic we must appeal to the more highly educated population. The third and last demographic is the level of income. According to this statistic the majority of Flower Mound households have an income of $140,000. This amount of income is higher than the Texas average and the U.S. average. When you put these three demographics together you get a picture of who we are trying to appeal to. The white, educated, and rich.