Visit italy!


Would you like to go to a place by the Mediterranean Sea? A place with lots of wine? Or with the population of 2,318,895 people? Well come right over to Rome,Italy!


Rome is located at 41º 53`n,12º 28`e. It is positioned in both Northern and Eastern hemispheres. Rome is bordered by Austria,France,San Marino,Switzerland and more. It`s also right by the Mediterranean Sea.


Lazio is the region of Rome and is in the region ofEurope is too. Rome is in the south central region.


Rome,Italy has a lot of interactions. If you are ever hungry for fish,they eat lots of it. You can swim and go fishing too. Italy is also a mountainous country. They cultivate things like grapes,wine,cereal,macaroni,tropical fruits,olive oil,rice and more.


Rome has many characteristics,both physical and human.Some of Rome's physical characteristics would be the climate such as it has a warm and temperate temperature. Rome also has more rainfall in the winter than the summer. Rome's average rainfall is 798 mm! Or the human characteristic such as language.They speak Italian,the language of romance.


Have you ever wondered about the movement of the city? Well rome has exported many things. Like clothing,furniture,lights,also machines,vehicles,electronic equipment,and many many more.

Fun facts

Rome's population is about 2,318,895. If you are a fan of shakespeare,he had many plays set in Rome. One is romeo and Juliet. Opera is one of many traditions.

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