The Man Behind it All, Mr. Gatsby

The Most Stylish Man Of The 20s

What's one of the biggest struggles of living in West Egg?

I love West Egg. There aren't very many struggles about it. I party as much as I want and when I want with my good pal, Mr. Nick Carroway. But if I really did have to choose, it'd have to be, being far away from someone who I truly love dearly. I feel so far from her but yet so close when I look out and see her green light glowing on the edge of the pier

Everyone is dying know, what is your favorite car to drive?

My 1929 Duesenberg. It's a rich cream color, bright with nickel, swollen here and there in its monstrous length with triumphant hat boxes. Me and Nick take that one for a spin quite a bit. I love that car, it's simply magnificent.

How well do you and Mr. Buchanan get along? There has been gossip going around you two butt heads a little bit, is that true?

We get along just fine, old sport. Just like in every relationship we have our disagreements. They're mostly about Daisy, but we get along just fine.

We've heard that you are a man who likes his clothing, tell us about that.

Yes, I do love my clothes. I have a man in England who buys me clothes. Silk, flannel, Indian cotton, you name it and I've probably got it. I think clothing says a lot about a man and how he carries himself.

Everyone wants to attend a party at Mr. Gatsby's house, tell us, what's it like?

Well old sport, there's not much to tell. Drinking, dancing, and laughter is about all I can say. Everyone does seem to have a wonderful time whenever I host these events. Which I am very happy about.

What's your favorite mixed drink to have?

I'm not a big drinker because I know what it can do to people if it's consumed too much. But when I do drink, I usually have Gin Rickey. It's gin and lime juice it's a wonderful drink to have during the hot summer.

All the girls are wanting to know, what is your favorite color?

Well, if you've seen my car it should be pretty obvious. I love the color light yellow. It's a very simple color and I absolutely love the way it looks on my car. I've been thinking about getting a suit in that color, I already have a light pink suit. May as well get a light yellow one, am I right?

Tell us a little bit about Mr. Carroway, have you all been friend for a while?

No, we actually recently became friends. He's a great man, he's stuck by me the longest out of most of the people I've hung around. Nick has always been there for me, even in the awkwardest situations.