Rhynochetos jubatus, Cagou

The Mysteries of the Kagu

The kagu is a strange little bird. It is tiny, blue-ish grey, lives practically it's entire life on the forest floor, and has no natural predators (OB). Or at least, it used to not have any predators. Due to the invasion of humans in New Caledonia, the home of the kagu, they face new challenges. Everything from habitat loss (EE) to unnatural predators like pigs, cats, and dogs (OB) are threatening this bird's very existence. All hope is not lost, however, as there are ongoing local conservation efforts (EE). They are living and breeding in zoos (wikip), and they have a forest park in development (AP). With help and dedication, our feathered friends can live prosperously again. The kagu has a bright orange beak, feathers, a head crest that pops out when impressing potential mates, and stripes on its wings (SDZ).

Who's Helping Out?

Yves Letocart

Yves Letocart is the man mainly responsible for the comeback of kagus. He studied them, learned all about them, and saved them from the brink of extinction. He brought the kagus back to life in New Caledonia, and now they are a symbol of New Caledonia. Thank you, Yves Letocart, for saving yet another species from facing an awful fate.

Local Groups

In New Caledonia, there are several local conservation groups also attempting to help the kagus (EE). Their combined efforts have surely helped these wonderful birds, and there contribution to the world is very remarkable. A protected park has been made of the kagu habitat thanks to people in these groups (AP).

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