Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom Knows Market Development

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom's track record as a salesman speaks for itself. During his time as a sales consultant, Craig Eckstrom helped build market strategies for major retailers and brands. Craig Eckstrom's clients as a sales consultant include Ralph Lauren, Dicks, Zappos, and Apple. Craig Eckstrom has been recognized as a hard worker and a talented sales executive at each position he has held. For great results in sales, count on the experience and drive of Craig Eckstrom.

Craig Eckstrom Expects the Best

For Craig Eckstrom and those who are employed under him, nothing less than their personal best will suffice. Craig Eckstrom holds himself to an extremely high personal standard of quality in his work. Because of this high standard, Craig Eckstrom often has to work harder than other individuals to reach the same progress level in his work. However, Craig Eckstrom's expectation of excellence allows those reviewing his work to know that they will rarely find mistakes, as Craig Eckstrom does not allow himself to submit flawed work.

Craig Eckstrom's high expectations have paid off in multiple business opportunities, including his involvement in helping start Bill Me Later, Inc. As a member of Bill Me Later, Inc.'s executive team, Craig Eckstrom had the opportunity to lead by example, helping other employees of the fledging billing and credit company to reach their full potential and hold themselves to the same high standard. As the company began to grow, more and more employees joined Craig Eckstrom in his pursuit of excellence in his work. Because of this corporate adoption of Craig Eckstrom's high expectations, the Bill Me Later staff was able to produce astonishing results in their first five years. Craig Eckstrom led the effort to build a network of more than 1,000 retailers who joined on with the Bill Me Later concept, and Craig Eckstrom's expectation of success continued to benefit the company.

After five years with the company, Craig Eckstrom's expectation of the best from himself began to be noticed by the firm who was purchasing Bill Me Later. eBay, and its subsidiary PayPal, were interested in bringing Craig Eckstrom on board as a Vice President. Craig Eckstrom's work ethic and high personal standards allowed him to become an invaluable member of the PayPal team.

As Craig Eckstrom's career continues, employers can trust that Craig Eckstrom will work under the same high personal expectations.

Craig Eckstrom Understands Market Demands

Over the course of the past two decades, the national economy has risen and fallen sharply. In conjunction with this rise and fall have been the fortunes of many powerhouse firms in the sales industry. The demands placed on businesses by the market can vary from year to year, week to week, and even day to day. In order to counteract these changing demands, corporations must seek out wise sales professionals who know how to work around the whims of a fluctuating economy.

Craig Eckstrom is the type of person that these businesses want to seek out. With over 20 years of experience in the sales arena, Craig Eckstrom has seen all sorts of economic shifts and changes. Craig Eckstrom prides himself on quick thinking and problem solving, which serve him well when faced with sudden challenges and new demands from the marketplace. Craig Eckstrom is also well acquainted with managing large teams of individuals and having to direct and redirect the teams based on the daily variations in the market. Craig Eckstrom's talent for training individual members of his team has paid off for many of the corporations that Craig Eckstrom has worked for, as his training consistently produces high quality, adaptable sales team members who are able to roll with the changing demands of the marketplace.

Craig Eckstrom specializes in creating profit strategies for companies and new products. When Craig Eckstrom steps in to create a new market strategy, he does not allow himself to only plan for the best case scenario. The best profit strategies, and the type that Craig Eckstrom produces, have subsets that correspond to different potential changes in the marketplace. Craig Eckstrom's talent for reading market trends serves him well in this arena, and frequently saves the company from many headaches and failed products.

Community Involvement and Craig Eckstrom

For some business leaders, it is enough to know that you are a great role model within the business community. Others, however, are not satisfied with being a leader within the business world and aspire to be a leader within their social community as well. Craig Eckstrom is this type of person.

For Craig Eckstrom, the problems that plague the world today spring from a common root: people's lack of investment in the community around them. To combat this, Craig Eckstrom has constantly searched for ways to invest himself in the community in which he lives. Craig Eckstrom's community involvement has taken various forms over the years, and his most recent is his involvement with the international nonprofit buildOn. Craig Eckstrom has recently taken on a position as a member of the executive board for buildOn, and is looking forward to expanding his influence within the community through this opportunity.

buildOn's main mission is one that is shared by Craig Eckstrom. The mission is to foster greater community involvement in at risk areas of the United States through service projects and other community-centered after school programs. Craig Eckstrom believes that this sort of community involvement is just what young folks need to get them thinking more about the needs of their community and less about their own wants. Through buildOn, Craig Eckstrom hopes to help young people become more educated about the responsibilities of living in a community and thus, build up the quality of life in many impoverished communities.

Craig Eckstrom believes very strongly in the value of taking responsibility for your actions and for those of your community. In his personal life, Craig Eckstrom holds himself to a high standard of honesty and integrity. In Craig Eckstrom's eyes, if more people can be taught to take responsibility for their actions, the world will swiftly become a better place.

Craig Eckstrom Specializes in Solutions

Some people are placed in the world simply to be problem solvers. These types of individuals, while rare, are invaluable to the corporations who snatch them up. Craig Eckstrom is one of these types of people. By nature, Craig Eckstrom is the type of person who looks at a difficult problem and immediately begins thinking of possible solutions instead of commiserating about the difficulty of the problem or looking for someone else to fix it. This self-starting attitude has helped set Craig Eckstrom apart in the world of sales and management, and Craig Eckstrom's problem solving nature has helped advance him in his career.

As an executive with the nonprofit buildOn, Craig Eckstrom has had the opportunity to be a problem solver in a different sense. For Craig Eckstrom, there is no reason that his problem solving acumen should be limited to sales plans and business strategies. Instead, Craig Eckstrom has turned his problem solving mind to the issue of education and community involvement in underprivileged youth. As a member of the executive board of buildOn, Craig Eckstrom has been instrumental in developing strategies to bring more young people into contact with community service. Craig Eckstrom hopes that this will begin to help young people take greater pride in their community and push them to take ownership of the issues facing their city and country.

Within the business community, Craig Eckstrom's problem solving has been equally effective. As a Vice President of Sales for American Express, Craig Eckstrom was able to troubleshoot many of the problems facing American Express' fledging corporate purchasing card, which was a new product aimed at businesses with recurring expenses. Craig Eckstrom’s troubleshooting abilities helped the corporate purchasing card get off the ground, and the sales campaign that he helped design became one of the best revenue sources for American Express.

As Craig Eckstrom's career progresses, it is widely expected that Craig Eckstrom will continue to put his problem solving abilities to good use for his employer. Craig Eckstrom will continue devising and executing creative and efficient solutions to problems and sparing the company much inconvenience in the process.

Client Retention Important to Craig Eckstrom

Client retention is one of the most important parts of the sales process to Craig Eckstrom. As a sales executive and sales manager for multiple companies during his career, Craig Eckstrom has seen that the difference between a successful sales campaign and one that is barely adequate is the number of customers who return to buy again. For Craig Eckstrom, the reason for this is simple. When clients return to make a second purchase, they know that the product is high quality and frequently purchase a larger amount than their initial test purchase contained. In Craig Eckstrom's eyes, this is especially true in business to business sales, where clients frequently purchase on a weekly or monthly basis.

Craig Eckstrom has worked to increase client retention in a number of corporations over the past two decades, including his work as a Vice President of Sales for eBay and PayPal. During his tenure at eBay, Craig Eckstrom was responsible for the entirety of the sales in the North American market. Such a large amount of sales required Craig Eckstrom to create systems that would operate and manage reporting processes and other data gathering systems. Craig Eckstrom used these data sets that were gathered by the automated systems to analyze what percentage of customers were returning customers. During his time at eBay, Craig Eckstrom made every effort to increase the percentage of customers that bought more than once, or who paid more than once via PayPal.

Craig Eckstrom instituted multiple programs during his time at eBay that were directly aimed at increasing client retention rates. Among those were programs that upgraded the entire client facing organization, as well as restructuring the marketing department. Both of these efforts allowed eBay and PayPal to increase their marketability to everyday consumers, which in turn increased the amount of transactions and return customers each service had. Craig Eckstrom's efforts successfully increased return client rates.

Craig Eckstrom has another reason for emphasizing creating return clients: clients who return are happy clients. For Craig Eckstrom, it is important that clients be truly satisfied with their buying experience, as it may lead them to tell others about their experience working with the company.

Craig Eckstrom Drives Business Strategy

The only way for a business to truly succeed is for it to begin with a strong and steady business plan. Craig Eckstrom knows this better than most corporate employees, as he has seen the effects that a strong business plan can have on the early years of a corporation. In Craig Eckstrom's eyes, when a corporation starts out with a strong business plan, they have a road map that will lead them to success. This road map is essential, as it provides step by step instructions to the business that can help them avoid major pitfalls and challenges that face those businesses that try to move forward without preparation. However, business plans can only prepare corporations so much. For Craig Eckstrom, it is also important that businesses develop general strategies that might be employed in the event of sudden challenges or crises.

As Craig Eckstrom has made his way through the ranks of various sales organizations, one thing has stood out to him: business strategies are not just rolled off of an assembly line. To Craig Eckstrom, it is obvious that successful business strategies are customized and developed to suit the individual needs of the corporation and the product. Frequently, Craig Eckstrom has developed plans for products that are drastically different than the previous product the same company had put out.

At American Express, Craig Eckstrom was instrumental in the development and launch of American Express' Corporate Purchasing Card. The business plan that Craig Eckstrom helped put together for this card focused on its utility to small and large businesses alike, and the sales techniques used to push the new product were vastly different than those used to support previous offerings from American Express.

Craig Eckstrom has helped build and develop business to business sales strategies for multiple corporations during his long career as a sales executive. Businesses that have employed Craig Eckstrom have benefitted greatly from his insight and expertise.

Craig Eckstrom's current employer can rest easy, reassured that Craig Eckstrom will put together phenomenal sales plans and business strategies for each product for which he is responsible.

Executive Leader Craig Eckstrom

One factor that helps set Craig Eckstrom apart from other leaders in the sales industry is that Craig Eckstrom does not have the lone wolf mentality that characterizes many of the strongest salesmen in America. Instead, Craig Eckstrom works well with others, especially other executives. Craig Eckstrom prides himself on knowing how to allocate assignments to each person on the team and give them tasks that will exercise the best parts of themselves while allowing weaknesses to be made up for by other team members. Craig Eckstrom is an expert evaluator of talent and personality due to his years of doing in person sales. Because of his expertise, Craig Eckstrom has a talent for placing groups of individuals in excellent teams.

However, placing high powered executives into cooperative and collaborative roles is not enough for Craig Eckstrom. To truly be successful in his career path, Craig Eckstrom must be able to work well alongside other executives. As a Vice President, Craig Eckstrom must be able to accept his role within the team and not vie for greater power and influence.

As a member of the board of directors for buildOn, Craig Eckstrom has proven that he is able to work well in a group setting as well as he does on his own. While other business opportunities have afforded Craig Eckstrom the freedom to create his own plans and essentially have total control over the processes his team utilized, buildOn requires Craig Eckstrom to collaborate with the other executives and board members before enacting any decisions. The success of the corporation since Craig Eckstrom has joined the board is evidence that Craig Eckstrom is able to work well with others, still contributing while not overpowering the conversation.

Craig Eckstrom knows that the best way to lead other leaders is not through words or exhortation. Instead, Craig Eckstrom focuses on leading by example, letting his work ethic and quality of work speak for itself to the others on the board of directors. This humble style of leadership works well for Craig Eckstrom, and buildOn has thrived as a result of it.

Craig Eckstrom Knows Market Development

Throughout the course of his career, which has spanned multiple decades, Craig Eckstrom has proven that he understands how to work around the shifting tides and sudden developments of the sales marketplace. As the national economy has ebbed and flowed, so have the fortunes of many sales-based corporations. The past two decades have borne witness to the rise and fall of many corporate giants who could not adapt to the changing conditions of the market. Craig Eckstrom is a useful piece for companies attempting to weather the next economic storm or catch the forefront of the new economic revival. Craig Eckstrom's extensive training in data analysis, business planning, and sales engine construction have put Craig Eckstrom in an optimal position to help client companies prepare for the future.

Currently, Craig Eckstrom serves as an executive with PayPal, a division of eBay. However, Craig Eckstrom started his career as a Vice President of Sales for American Express. The two corporations are vastly different and Craig Eckstrom had a very different set of expectations and goals at American Express. However, Craig Eckstrom was able to adapt as the marketplace shifted and bring companies positive results, even during the economic slowdown of the early 21st century.

Craig Eckstrom's talent for reading the market and building plans has allowed him to help certain corporations manipulate the current economic conditions to maximize their profit. During the early part of the 21st century, Craig Eckstrom was involved in developing the credit and payments company Bill Me Later. This alternative to traditional credit cards took advantage of the fear of the decade, in which everyone was concerned about the economy, and helped shape Bill Me Later into a service that would provide peace of mind to their customers.

This is evidence that Craig Eckstrom understands the principles behind reading developing markets, and knows how to leverage market development for the benefit of businesses.

Craig Eckstrom: Start Up Guru

Craig Eckstrom specializes in marketing plans and business development strategies. As the founder and President of SalesDiagnostics, Craig Eckstrom built a career out of telling other businesses how to best structure their business to maximize profits. Craig Eckstrom's talent for reading data and analyzing trends in business proved to be invaluable as he worked with clients to help streamline business to business sales.

Because of this aptitude for shaping businesses, Craig Eckstrom is a vital resource for individuals trying to start their own businesses or branch out into new areas of an existing business. Craig Eckstrom has experienced successful business plans and has helped troubleshoot ones that are truly horrible. Throughout his years of building business plans, Craig Eckstrom has seen it all and knows how to work with any type of business plan to improve it as much as possible.

Craig Eckstrom understands the psychology of sales, and because of this, Craig Eckstrom is able to tell who will function well in high pressure sales roles, and which employees may be better suited to supporting roles. Craig Eckstrom's talent for analyzing and assessing employees allows him to place individuals in positions where they will quickly reach optimum efficiency. As employees work for Craig Eckstrom, they are constantly being evaluated to see where they should fit within the company. This allows corporations to shape their business strategies around their people, rather than trying to force individual employees into predetermined roles.

Craig Eckstrom can help tell potential vendors whether their new production line will be successful when it goes to market through his reading of data analytics and the interpretation of marketplace trends. Because of this, Craig Eckstrom has valuable insight and advice for start up companies.

Craig Eckstrom is an experienced entrepreneur himself, and is prepared to share much of his wisdom with clients who are seeking to build their own businesses. Craig Eckstrom's background in sales and business planning gives clients who work with Craig Eckstrom an excellent leg up on the competition. Craig Eckstrom can help new business owners avoid major pitfalls on the road to becoming self-sufficient business owners.