Warren Warriors

Get involved


The purpose of art is to develop artistic skills. It has many activities to be involved in like: the parties, learning skills, and being creative. The only thing to worry about is getting messy. Sign up today


The purpose of athletics is to help your physical health and exercise your body. In athletics you get to do some of the following activities: travel, try out for sports, workout, play games and meet people. The only downers are you have to pay for simple things, and travel for games.
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Basketball games

The purpose of basketball games are to produce a new standard game level and skill. Basketball can get you a scholarship and become an all-star player. When you feel the adrenaline rushing through your vains you feel like you can do anything.

Bible study

The purpose of a bible study is to learn about Jesus Christ. Learning about Jesus is also like showing how much you love him. The only thing about warriors for Christ is that it is early in the morning.
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The purpose of Spanish is to learn another language and develop skills in other languages. Spanish is so much fun when you get used to it, you get to have parties for Spanish holidays.
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