Soil in Nigeria

By Karthik Dasari

What are the problems?

In Nigeria soil erosion is a major problem, it has many effects. large amounts of soil are disappearing due to erosion and many other factors. the soil being gone effects humans and animals in many ways, if soil erosion was stopped it would be a big help to humans and animals.

causes and effects

The causes of soil erosion in Nigeria are location, wind, water, humans and animals, and shape of the land. It effects humans and animals in many ways, soil erosion takes away soil from humans who need it for farming without soil they could not make money from farming. animals who depend on plants for food would die because they are no plants due to soil erosion.

A solution

A solution for soil erosion is vegetation. vegetation is when you plant plants big and strong such as shrubs or trees so that they're roots will hold the soil around it in place, preventing soil erosion. This would stop a lot of soil erosion.

How to fund the money to prevent soil erosion

A good way to get money for preventing soil erosion is to apply for a loan. A loan could be given by the united nations or the world bank. Applying for a loan is a easy way to get money. even developed countries such as USA, UK, France, and Germany would also give funds.