Alex Nichols

7th Grade Grifton Mid

About Me

My name is Alex. I live in Grifton, North Carolina. I was born on July 4th, 2002.

My Goals

I want to go to college for a masters, so that I can start a business and live on the beach.

I Like The Beach

Micro Conflict Poem

Micro-Conflict Poem

Line 1

Your First Name: Alex

Line 2

List 4 adjectives that describe you: Athletic, Fun, Social,

Line 3

Who LOVES…3 ideas/people/things: Family, The Lord, Bojangles

Line 4

Who HATES…3 ideas/things: Red Violet, Beeees, Bugs

Line 5

Who is HAPPY when…3 examples I have food, I’m with my friends,

Line 6

Who is SAD when…3 examples: Death Happens, People Are Disappointed Of Me, I’m Sad

Line 7

Who gets EXCITED about…2 examples: Football, Fun

Line 8

Who gets ANGRY about…2 examples: Annoying People, Unfairness

Line 9

Who feels SAFE when…2 examples: I Have My Door Locked, I’m In Reach Of A Weapon

Line 10

Who FEARS…2 examples: Sharknado, The Middle Of The Ocean

Line 11

Your Last Name: Nichols

Personality Animal

I'm a fox owl. A Foxes description is Compromise: In the middle of cooperativeness and assertiveness. I am also an Owl, an Owls description is Collaborative: Attempts to fully satisfy own concerns as well as the concerns of others.
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Wednesday, Sep. 24th, 9pm

North Carolina, United States