Hurricane Sandy

The Bads, and the other Bads

Government Perspective

The Basics

Hurricane Sandy was a Category 3 Hurricane. It's average wind speed was 80-90 mph. The average rainfall over land was 7 inches. The average for rainfall over sea was 10 1/2 inches. The hurricane lasted around 8 days.

Government Response

The government was fast at responding to Sandy. They already had FEMA and other Authorities evacuating people when the storm was first forming.


$65 Billion dollars of damage was caused from Hurricane Sandy. Industry, Commercial, and Industrial were all hit hard. The environment was polluted from debris, fuel, trash, and salt water.

Sandy's Selfies

Awareness is Needed

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Why you should be cautious

Hurricanes are devastating. People have gone without homes and power for weeks. They destroy the environment, flood towns, and destroy commercial and industry. We can prepare for this by having more people evacuated and more storm shelters. Build commercial buildings more reinforced and have structures built on higher ground to prevent flooding.