Contest and Needs Help Fraud

What it is and How to prevent it

Contest & Need Help Fraud

What is contest/need help fraud?

Contest fraud is a fake contest created to scam or rip someone off.

Need help fraud is a fake request for money or information claiming to need help.


-An email claiming that you've won money.

- A fake charity asking for money.

- A fake craigslist ad requesting help or work in exchange for money.

- A pop-up looking for your information in exchange for money.

How to prevent falling for it:

- With regards to contest fraud never give your information or money away to pop-ups or big money giveaways.

- For need help fraud, if you are thinking about helping, make sure to verify the sources.

- Be careful with your information and never wire money.

- If it seems strange, just don't click on it.

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