The Warriors Heart

By: Matt Himes

Plot of The Warriors Heart

The main plot of the story is how the main characters life is affected throughout the stages of life he goes through and his life through boot camp. The side plot is having to deal and get through boot camp and not dropout/quit.
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the author of the warriors heart is Eric grietens.


as a little kid Eric was forced to make his own money because his parents aren't rich so he begins to make money. As times goes on he decides he wants to become a navy seal because when he was a kid he wanted to be a hero. After a lot of training he joined boot camp. during boot camp he and his squad become friends and decide to help and push each other to pass. With the encouragement he and his squad passed and they were deployed in Iraq. After one mission he decides he wants to go home. Even tough he left Iraq back home he started a organization called (the mission continues). He helps veterans that were forced to leave because of injury. As time goes on he lives life and continues to help veterans.

Character analysis

Eric Grieten a man who is very smart and witty is his own hero and encourages others. That is what defines Eric as himself and as a man.
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The setting of the warrior's heart is courageous and is also preserving through goals.
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