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Definition-The part of Earth where life exists;includes all of the living organism on Earth.

natural disaster

  1. Mudslide=Oso, Washington (USA) March 22, 2014 42 dead, one missing This mudslide covered an area of approximately 1 square mile.
  2. Typhoon (Haiyan)=Philippines November 8, 2013 6,000 dead, 3.6 million displaced This typhoon had a 13-foot storm surge and winds of up to 235 miles per hour. The typhoon destroyed much coastal infrastructure, including water and sanitation systems, roads, and communication systems.
  3. Tornado=Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA) May 20, 2013 24 dead These tornadoes had winds of up to 200 miles per hour, and cut a path about 12 miles wide through Oklahoma City. The previous week, tornadoes had killed six people in North Texas.
  4. Earthquake and Tsunami=Fukushima, Japan March 11, 2011 19,000 dead This magnitude 9.0 earthquake did tremendous damage and caused a tsunami that inflicted further damage. Three nuclear reactors at a nearby nuclear power plant melted down, releasing radiation into the surrounding areas.
  5. Hurricane (Katrina)=New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) August 2005 1,800 dead Hurricane Katrina had winds of up to 175 miles per hour. It is the fourth most-powerful Atlantic hurricane since records have been kept. Eighty percent of New Orleans flooded as a result of this hurricane.
  6. Also=Most natural disasters do have a bigger impact today than they did 50 or 100 years ago. The severity of the disasters is usually larger, likely due to changing weather patterns, changes in population density and housing.

What is it made of?

Living thing and the the areas of Earth where they are found.

Describe its characteristics

Plants,animals,bracters,and fungi.


Definition-Rocky,Solid, and Part of the Earth

natural disaster

volcano=rupture on the crust of a planetary-mass object, such as Earth, that allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface. Earth's volcanoes occur because its crust is broken into 17 major, rigid tectonic plates that float on a hotter, softer layer in its mantle.

What is it made of?

Rocky,Solid, and Part of the Earth

Describe its characteristics

Crust, Mantle, and Core


Processes, which change over time the Earth.


Definition-Is the frozen water part of the Earth system.

What is made of ?

Frozen water, Ice snow, Glaciers, and ice logs.

Describe its characteristics

Ice cover like the Arctic.Ice, snow, Glaciers, and ice logs.

Mostly Found

Antarctic and Arctic.


Definition-An atmosphere is the envelope of gases surrounding the earth or another planet.

What is it made of ?

Mixture of gases and gases surrounding the earth or another planet.

Stiff about of it




Carbon Dioxide-0.03%

The characteristics

Air Pressure increases closer to the Earth’s surface.Divided into 4 layers. The layers are called troposphere, stratosphere,mesosphere, and thermosphere


Definition-liquid water component of the earth.

natural disaster

FLOODING= The common dominator of all floods is that an abnormal and uncontrollable amount of water is encountered that damages – or completely destroys – the land and structures and many drown thousands of people

What is made of ?


Describe charactics

ts the liquid water component on earth.Oceans,seas,lakes,rivers,ponds, and streams.

In clue

Ocean which affects its motion are its temperature and salinity. It covers about 70% of the surface of the earth and is the home and for many plants and animals.97% of water=Saltwater and constantly moving.

together the sphere

What do it do together.

What do they do together.

Together, they make up all of the components of our planet, both living and nonliving. Material on Earth doesn't stay how it is. It gets recycled into other phases and forms. Plants in the ground die, and as they are broken down by microorganisms, they become soil, which can then feed new plants.So now that you know why this important cun of.