IWB iPevo Teacher Challenges

Level Two

1. Customize the pen colors, line thickness, and style

Selecting the Annotate (scribble) button located on the top left. There are two pen buttons to customize in IPEVO Annotator. Choose your favorite colors and thicknesses to serve the needs of your students.

Customize your pen colors by selecting the small triangle in the lower portion of the pen button.

If you're interested in one of the pen buttons to serve as a highlighter, check the translucent box.

Change the thickness by selecting a larger number along the slide.


2. Annotate over ANYTHING!

Annotate over any document, website, slide, or image.

  • check homework
  • solve math problems
  • circle parts of speech
  • locate main idea, supporting details, concluding sentences
  • label anything
  • draw anything
  • highlight anything

Everything you write or draw with a dry erase marker can be written or drawn with the IPEVO Interactive Pen.

Bonus section (Part 3 Preview)

Save your annotations with the Image Capture tool.

Select the camera button to capture/save annotations. It's possible to save either the Fullscreen or Select Area. I recommend using the Select Area option so that it's easier to locate the Confirm Button. (I've noticed that when saving with the Fullscreen option, the Confirm Button hides beneath the task bar on my screen - not a deal breaker, but certainly an annoyance.)

Confirm the image, then click Save to Image Capture. Your image is now saved in the default folder created by IPEVO Annotator with a date stamp.

Quickly retrieve your Image Captures by selecting the image button. You may open your image on the desktop, or within a whiteboard.

To view the date stamps. Open My Documents>IPEVO Annotator> Image Capture. All annotations will be saved there unless you create new folders.