Do's & Don'ts of Males vs. Females

Proper Formal Interview Outfits for Males and Females

Do's of Mens Formal Interview Outfits

Suit - Find a two piece matching suit with conservative colors (gray, navy). Wool is generally best for suits. It does NOT have to be the most expensive!

Shirt - Long sleeve shirts in white, light blue, or conservative patterns are best.

Ties - Ties are usually the most difficult to put together with your suit. Choose ones with high quality silk, and slight pop of color. Look at other men working in your industry and see what they are wearing.

Belt/Jewelry - Match your belt to the shoes you are wearing. Keep the jewelry to a minimum; like a wristwatch.

Shoes/Socks - Socks should be mid calf, and also a dark color. Shoes can be leather or slip on business shoes. Investing in a good pair of business shoes is very important.

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Do's of Womens Formal Interview Outfits

Suits - Two-piece suits should be fitted, but not snug. Gray, dark gray, navy, and black are very appropriate colors to wear. If you decide to wear pants, make sure they are hemmed so they do not drag on the floor.

Skirts - Skirts should match the blazer in color. They should not be too short; they must completely cover your thighs when you sit down.

Shirts - A tailored blouse, good quality knit sweater, or a shell should be worn under your jacket. Do not show cleavage or wear a see-through shirt.

Hosiery - Plain or sheer in most instances; wear a neutral color to complement your outfit.

Shoes, Bags, and Jewelry - A leather pump that matches your suit and has a medium- height heel is very appropriate. Bringing bags and/or wearing too much jewelry that is very costumed is not a good thing.

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Don'ts of Mens Interview Outfits

  • Character Ties
  • "Formal" Shorts
  • Trendy Dress Shirts
  • Powder-Blue Suits

Don'ts of Womens Formal Interview Outfits

  • Mini Skirts
  • Deep-V Sequin Shirts
  • Large Jewelry Pieces
  • Platform, Stiletto Pumps
  • Tote Bag

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