The Rules of Survival

Nancy Werlin

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Author Bio

Nancy Werlin was born in 1961in Peabody Massachusetts. She says thst she decided to be writer in fourth grade after having to write short stories. She later went to Yale and studied English. Werlin's first book Impossible was published on September 18th 2008, and that set the stage for the rest of her books to come. She mainly writes "discovery" books. Books in which the characters are developing and finding out who they truly are.

Main Characters

The Family:

-Aunt Bobbie

The main characters in this book are one family and a man.
The family consists of two girls a boy and a mom. The dad left long ago because he had issues with the mom. The girls names are Emmie and Callie. The boy is named Matthew. The moms' name is Nikki. The new man is named Murdoch.


Nikki has a special way of showing love for her children. She is an abusive mother and that's the reason that her husband left her. The book starts off with Matt and Callie at a store and they see a man defending a boy from an abusive father. They like him and immediately want to know more about him. They try for several years looking through addresses and phone books. Their mom finds him and decides that they would make a perfect couple the kids then are seeing Murdoch as a father figure and spend the book trying to be with him and away from Nikki. Will they ever be able to be free?


I would give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. I would say this book because the chapters went by very fast and didn't go into detail. I would of loved to have gotten more an in depth history during the first chapters. Although I didn't rate this book very high on the list, I would highly recommend this novel to any reader that has a strong connection to their family and likes books about hardships throughout life.

Book Excerpt

"After that, I stayed angry at Ben, but the feeling of desperation that I'd had after the car ride began to fade. My certainty that something horrible would happen if we continued living with Nikki started to seem silly as autumn drew on toward winter and nothing too out of the ordinary occurred. Nikki was Nikki,unpredictable,temperamental,and vicious,with the weird little moments of generosity and laughter mixed in. But she always had been that way. We could cope, and we would cope, because we always had"