MURSD Spanish Immersion Update

¡Todo lo bueno!


This update will serve as a peek into the K-12 Spanish immersion classrooms in our district, to highlight all of the good, "todo lo bueno," that goes on day to day.

This edition, our first MURSD Spanish Immersion Update, focuses on work that has gone on during our first semester as well as some other important highlights. We will have another update during the second half of our school year.

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Kindergarten - Sra. Ibañez

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Sra. Ibañez' class is working on the beginning stages of reading and writing. For Spanish learners this is a focus on different consonant-vowel combinations to create syllables which can then be combined to form words. In this activity, students work together combining syllables on signs to replicate a sentence on the screen.

Kindergarten - Sra. Martinez

Martinez - Sol Solecito
Sra. Martinez' kindergarten students learn through song and dance. This video captures their practice with the days of the week. On this day students also worked as a class to figure out the date and worked on pronunciation by reciting it together. In addition, the kindergarteners discussed the weather, shared art projects, and practiced reading and writing with syllables.

1st Grade - Sra. Calvo

1st Grade - Sra. Moreno

2nd Grade - Sra. Mumbiela

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Sra. Mumbiela's second graders are engaged in many different activities during their morning routine. Students respond in Spanish to the question, "What did you do yesterday?". They practice language skills through song, specifically focusing on the prepositions. Together they analyze sentences on the board to build skills with sentence structure. Lastly, they discuss the date, the weather, the day of the week, and the time.

3rd Grade - Sr. Dominguez

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Students in Sr. Dominguez' third grade class practice writing in Spanish. They learn the three different types of words in Spanish according to which syllable the stress falls on - agudas, llanas y esdrújulas. Students note that changing the position of an accent mark will change a word's pronunciation.

4th Grade - Srta. Herrera

5th Grade - Srta. St. John

6th grade - Sra. Pike

Gilgamesh Escena 4
Sra. Pike's social studies classes put on a Gilgamesh play and invited the 5th and 7th grade Spanish immersion classes to come and watch. This clip is one of the 8 scenes, in which Gilgamesh, the legendary king of Uruk, and his friend Enkidu go on an adventure to steal cedar wood from the monster, Humbaba.

7th Grade - Sra. Obrador

Clase de Sra. Obrador

Students in Sra. Obrador's class created a video to share what they are learning about in their 7th grade Spanish Immersion Elective.

8th Grade - Sra. Fermín

Spanish Immersion at Nipmuc

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Marina Brocket-Delgado shares her experience as a Spanish Immersion Senior at Nipmuc:

Advanced Conversational Spanish is a senior class for our Spanish immersion program. The class is conversation based so we can practice talking correctly in Spanish using the skills we’ve learned in AP Spanish. We typically start the class by discussing current events, talking about our weekends or having a class conversation of our choice. We learn about different Spanish-speaking cultures and then have small group conversations with classmates about what we have learned and how to compare it to the United States.

Currently, we are learning about the culture in Spain in preparation for the abroad trip that we will do in April. The Spanish immersion program has prepared us to fully immerse ourselves in a Spanish-speaking location and we excitedly look forward to applying what we have learned to our travel to Spain.

Other Highlights

Spanish Exchange Program

In September Nipmuc hosted 21 students from León, Spain, as part of the highly anticipated return of our Spanish Exchange program. In the spring 25 Nipmuc students will travel to Spain to complete the tail end of the exchange. The full story can be found here.
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Spanish Immersion Highlighted at School Committee

On December 5th the Spanish Immersion Program was highlighted at the school committee meeting, with student presenters, videos, and photos showcasing all of the great things going on in our classrooms on a daily basis. You can read more about it here, or watch the video below. You can also look at our presentation more closely here.
MURSD School Committee Meeting 12/5/22

SI Parent-to-Parent Outreach for Incoming Kindergarten Parents

On December 1 several SI parents hosted a Zoom information session for prospective incoming SI kindergarten parents. The event gave an overview of the program from a parent perspective, with a question and answer session among incoming parents, current parents and administration. This evening served as an informal prelude to the upcoming district SI information night, to give parents some information to consider a little bit earlier than the official district SI Kindergarten Information Night.
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MURSD SI Kindergarten Information Night

On February 2 at 6pm MURSD will be hosting a virtual SI Kindergarten Information Night. This event will serve as an overview of the program K-12 from the perspective of teachers and administrators at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Parents will also hear from SI parents and students, learn about the registration process, and gather more information to determine if the SI program is a good fit for their children. You can get more information and the zoom link for this event on the MURSD SI Website.
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