Mae Carol Jemison

By Kalani Dancer

Born october 17,1956

She was the first African American lady on space.She was a dancer.She was a doctor.


She had a sister a brother.The family moved to chicago in illinois when she was three she read a lot about science.


She got a degree for chemical engineering and got a bachelor of science she got a doctorate degree.she went to morgan park high school.


She received a double-major in docter in the peace corps.She made history when she was slected from a pool 2000 applicants.

Quotable Quote

I'd love to go to space again if there were a mission to mars.I'd also love to go to a completely different planetary system out of our solar system.

Life lessen

What this teaches me is that you should never give up your dream and maby it will come trow.

In five words

kind responsible dreamful wishful proud

Five fast facts

She was the first African American women how ever admitted into the astronaut traning program.She resived awards and honorary doctorates.When she entered Stanford University Medical college.She worked as a general practitioner.
Mae C. Jemison - Mini Bio