Caroline Balderson

Renewable or Non-Renewable

Hydrogen is a renewable energy source. When we burn hydrocarbon compounds, the hydrogen is liberated in the form of water vapors or hydrogen compounds.

Alternative Fuel for Cars : Cost to Build Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Hydrogen is used to power cars!

Where hydrogen is found.

Hydrogen is found in abundance everywhere on Earth and the universe, but just not in pure form. The most abundant source would likely be the oceans.

Hydrogen Producing Energy

Hydrogen is generally produced, along with Oxygen, by the electrolysis of water.

Electrolysis-the passage of an electric current through an electrolyte with subsequent migration of positively and negatively charged ions to the negative and positive electrodes.

Who uses Hydrogen?

Hydrogen was formerly used for filling balloons, airships, and other lighter-than-air craft, a dangerous practice because of hydrogen's explosive flammability; there were disastrous fires, e.g., the immolation of the German airship Hindenburg at its mooring at Lakehurst, N.J., in 1937.

Hydrogen Expenses

Hydrogen is currently expensive to produce and is only available at a handful of locations, mostly in California. $ per 100g.