The Belgian Horse

By Samantha Hollingsworth

The Belgian Heavy Draft

Height: 17 hands

Weight: 2,000 lbs. average

Colors: chestnut and roan

Uses: work, hunting, general riding, jumping, and riding

Just who is this Belgian breed?

Physical features: The belgian is one of the strongest and heaviest of all the drafts. They are cold-blooded, hard workers and are very docile. The have small heads, thick necks, powerful shoulders and hindquarters and short legs with feathers.

Origin: Belgium

Images of the Belgian Heavy Draft

The gentle Giant

Fun Facts about the Belgian Draft

  • Belgian Drafts are cold-blooded making them docile and hardworking.
  • Belgian Drafts are prone to several health problems with include azoturia, junctional epidermolysis bullosa, mud fever and shivers.
  • The breed was developed in 1920.
  • The Belgian Draft's life expectancy is 30 years.