Schwartz's Shoutouts!

Week of 9/19

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Paper Plate Award

Congratulations to our Heart of Gold recipient, Will Fish. This boy has one of the biggest hearts I've encountered. He fills my days with hugs and encouragement and always goes out of his way to show how much he cares. No matter what is going on in our day, he never fails to remind me that kindness and showing that you care about someone is one of the most important things in this world. I appreciate Will's ability to always make me feel special and how he shares kindness with everyone in our classroom.

What Are We Learning


How to use contextual evidence to figure out unknown words

How to use the text to answer lingering questions


How to revise our narrative with more description and better dialogue


What is regrouping and mental math strategies

Social Studies

Review of native americans and explorers *Test on Friday



Read for 20 minutes

Do your word sort at least 3 times and get a parent signature


Read for 20 minutes

Do a blind sort and get a parent signature


Read for 20 minutes

Do a writing sort


Read for 20 minutes

Have a practice spelling test


Have a great weekend!

Dates and Reminders

Social Studies Test on Friday

I will send home notes on Tuesday about our test. Feel free to study them whenever you have a chance on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Also, you can check out my study video for extra help (will post on bloomz).


The optional homework resources will be posted to bloomz this evening along with a math video to show you what we will be learning and how I will be teaching it. I hope they can help!


9/23 Native American and Explorer Test