Destiny Pulido

Professional Communication 2A

Personal Statement

I have a twin sister and a little sister,I love to draw.And I love to hang out with my friend.And I will not live without my memory box.

Cartoon Of Comm Proces

communication process that the sharing of a common meaning between the sender and the receiver takes place.
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Nonverbal Communication

A nonverbal communication includes gestures, facial expressions, and body positions (known collectively as “body language”), as well as unspoken understandings and presuppositions, and cultural and environmental conditions that may affect any encounter between people.

This picture show different kind of nonverbal communication.

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Informal Language

Informal communication in the workplace is communication that takes place outside the formal communication structures of the workplace.
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Future Goals

My goal when I finish high school is to become a Physical Therapist it help people who provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical didabilitys of patients with injuries or disease.

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