Science With Mr. Harvey

15th Edition, 2014-2015

Test Corrections

There are still quite a few students who have not taken advantage of their opportunity to make corrections on the last Chemical Reactions Test. As always, I will be at school at 8:15 on Wednesday and Thursday morning to help with making those corrections and fixing any misconceptions during tutorials.
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This Week in Class...

This week in science we will continue our study of the universe. We will conduct a virtual lab on the solar system and take a look at comets and meteors. Also, in preparation for the semester exam, students will be given a couple days to work on completing their study guides.

~No Quizzes This Week~

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." -Alexander Graham Bell


Tutorials are held Wednesday and Thursday morning beginning at 8:15. Students can come in to study, work on assignments, complete missed labs, or make corrections.

Exam Schedule

Tuesday, Dec. 16: 7th Period

Wednesday, Dec. 17: 1st and 6th Periods

Thursday, Dec. 18: 2nd and 3rd Periods ~EARLY DISMISSAL~

Friday, Dec. 19: 4th and 5th Periods ~EARLY DISMISSAL~