Mrs. Greene's 3rd Grade

May 13, 2016

Eight More Days...

Your kids are AMAZING! They worked hard and gave their best all week! They know my expectations are that we don't quit until the last day of school, and they sure are abiding by and exceeding my expectations.

Have you heard about the incredible books we are reading for Guided Reading? The students got to choose the book they read based upon their interest. We are really enjoying them and are having some meaningful and deep conversations. Be sure to ask your child about the book he/she is reading.

We will celebrate the last few days of school with a special Room 9 Event...Mrs. Greene's Academy Awards. This is a fancy event where I ask your child to "dress up" in his/her best. Don't go out and purchase a new outfit for your child, but consider having your child wear something a little nicer than what is worn to school each day. Some girls wear dresses. Boys usually wear a nice button up shirt with khakis. It's completely up to you. It makes for a special end to our year together!

Here is what is planned for next week: May 16-20


  • Unit 8 Comprehension Test will be returned on Monday, May 16. It was our last test of the year.

  • We will review all reading skills with some fun (and challenging) games.

  • We will wrap up our Guided Reading book clubs.


  • Information Writing - Don't forget that our PARENT OPEN HOUSE will be held next Friday, May 20 at 11:00. We will wrap up around 11:45. We go to recess immediately following the Open House.

  • We are VERY BUSY finalizing our work on our books. We can't wait for you to see them!

Science: Simple Machines

  • Rube Goldberg projects are in full-swing in Room 9. The kids are learning so much about Simple Machines through exploration and putting them to good use.

  • Rube Goldberg presentations will be held next Thursday, May 19.

Math: Unit 12 - RATES

  • We finished Unit 12 today, May 13.

  • We will review for the Unit 12 test next week. The test will be given Thursday, May 19.

Room 9 Leader of the Week - Matthew!

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July Birthdays!

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News from the Media Center...

All library books are due back to school on Monday, May 16th . Each child will receive a raffle ticket if they have returned all books by Monday and be entered to win a new summer reading book or a gift card from Mrs. Towle. So remember to bring those books back. Happy Weekend Reading!

Lunch Room News...

Please make sure your child has enough money in their lunch account to cover this last week and a half. We need to keep all accounts in a positive balance. Any money left will carry over to next school year. If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact me.

Dianne Tamez J

Calendar of Events

May 19: Our first COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER VACATION activity!

May 23: Track and Field Day (volunteers still needed)

May 24: Mrs. Greene's Academy Awards

May 25: Last Day of School

Mrs. Greene's Contact Information

Please let me know if you would like to meet to discuss your child's progress.