The first person who found the America

The beginning of the travel

In the late 13 century, Marco Polo was the first person who went to China (Asia) successfully. He wrote a book called The Travels which he wrote down so many amazing things in Asia. And so many people include Christopher Columbus were attacked by Asia, Columbus thought this will be the way to make money, so he got the money from the Queen Isabella of Spain to find Asia. He planed to sail westward to Asia.

Columbus's Four Voyages

In October 1492, he arrived the Americas. He believed he already in Asia, but after three voyages, he still didn't find the right way. In his fourth voyage, he went to the central America where he called Indies.

The achievements of Columbus are Indubitable, but people have different controversies over him

One of the greatest Navigators in the world

- At that time, the population of European was rising quickly, but after he found the America, European definitely had new continent to live. And that means they had mineral resources and raw materials which can change the European economy and became better.

- His voyages even more important than America, because his found was revolutionary in the history of Europe. He let every European knew about America.

The Irreparable mistakes

- When European went to America, they controlled the political of America, the civilization of America was forced to be destroyed and Native Americans became laborers (force labor).

- Economic exploitation and plunder, infiltration of European religious and cultural, a lot of immigrants led the local people lost their own lands. So, America colonized suzerain, local culture and the way they were living were disappearing gradually.

He is not a bad man

What he did is because of money, at least he did something great for the world, I can't say he is a good man or bad man, he just made some irreparable mistakes.