Coach's Corner

March 9, 2015

Principally Speaking

In this Issue:

1. Computer Lab Thank You

2. Wonderful Community

3. This Week's Video

4. Open House for New Families, Too

5. Kindergarten, Here I Come

"Kindergarten, Here I Come"

Wednesday, March 11th, 5:30-7:30pm

272 Pearl Street Northwest

Grand Rapids, MI

If you have friends wanting to check us out for Kindergarten in the fall, they have an additional opportunity to check us out at the Public Museum tonight! We will be taking part in the "Kindergarten, Here I Come!" event this Wednesday, March 11 (tonight!).

It will be at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, 5:30-7:30 PM. You can give them one of these two links: or, or have them contact us for more information. Thanks!

This Week's Link Letter

Get this week's Link Letter here!

Computer Lab Thank You

Thank you to everyone who helped make our new computer lab possible. A special thank you goes to Kathy Labozzetta, Patrick Kuras, and team from i3 Business Solutions for their assistance. All your efforts also gave us a revamped staff resource room as well. We appreciate all of you so much.

Wonderful Community

We have such a wonderful community here. The way we come together is part of what makes us so special. We come together in fun ways, like with Diversity Week and the Computer Lab set up. We also come together when people are in need. One of our families is in need now.

Last week, a student in our community lost a parent suddenly. We would like to wrap our arms around this family as we are able. We are collecting financial donations in the office to benefit the family. We are hoping to purchase gas and grocery store gift cards as well as assist in the payment of the child's Before and After School care tuition. If you would like to participate, please stop by the office to make your cash donation, or feel free to send in money in your child's home/school folder in an envelope marked "Donation to help a family."

This Week's Video

I have a new video out this week. To view it, follow this link:, or look for the video below.

Open House for New Families, Too

Our upcoming Open House on March 18 is a great opportunity to introduce us to people you know. Think about families you know who would really appreciate being a part of our community, especially in the older grades. You can share with them our video introduction ( We can give them a tour, just have them call. And we'd love to have you bring them with you on March 18 for our Open House. Just call the office and let us know how many to expect. You can also reference the event posting elsewhere in this newsletter.

Kindergarten, Here I Come

Please tell prospective families with kindergarten students that they have an additional opportunity to learn about us. We'll be taking part in the "Kindergarten, Here I Come" event this Wednesday, March 11. It will be at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, 5:30-7:30 PM. You can also reference the event posting elsewhere in this newsletter.

Coach's Corner 2015-03-09

"The Only Pi Day of Our Lives"

Saturday, March 14th, 9am-9:30pm

This is an online event.

Many people like to celebrate Pi Day which falls on March 14 each year. The numbers for the date (3/14) relate to the approximation of the number Pi (3.14).

If you go a little further with the approximation of Pi (it goes out infinitely many places), you can better understand why this Pi Day is special. Going out two more places, you get 3.1415. That matches up with this year's date for Pi Day, 3/14/15.

The fun continues going out a few more decimal places to 3.1415926. This can now be matched up to the date (3/14/15) and the time on that day (9:26 AM and PM). So that gives us two very special times on this special Pi Day to celebrate!

For more detail, you may be interested in the description from a Facebook event posting in honor of this special version of Pi Day:

However, if you'd rather simply celebrate with a slice of pie, that's great too!

How ever you slice it, have fun with Pi Day this Saturday, March 14!

Open House -- "Transforming in Community"

Wednesday, March 18th, 4-7pm

409 Lafayette Avenue Southeast

Grand Rapids, MI

Current and Prospective Families Welcome!

Enrollment information will be available

Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center

Keep Discovering

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with the Hive Clean Out and Computer Lab Set Up. As always, I invite you to Be Kind, Keep Discovering, and have a great week!

John Robinson, Principal