TRIG Classroom Readiness Activity

Are your teachers ready to teach and assess with technology?

What is the TRIG Classroom Readiness Activity

The TRIG Classroom Readiness Activity is the professional learning portion of the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG). Through this professional learning opportunity, participating buildings will be provided with a free blended learning experience that is focused around technology integration and delivery of online assessments.

How it Works

Local leadership will be developed through a train-the-trainer model, where local instructional technology leaders will be trained to support the learning of other educators in their buildings. All staff will participate and complete the T3 (Teacher Technology Training) Course, which incorporates:

  • Understanding standards (Common Core, Next Generation Science, etc.) and what resources are out there to support teaching of these standards
  • Best practice instruction using technology, which follows the Classroom Instruction That Works framework
  • Creating a blended learning environment
  • Understanding statewide next generation assessments
  • Developing high quality online assessment items
  • Data collection and conferencing

Through the completion of this blended learning experience, all participating staff will understand how to integrate technology for teaching and assessment. Each participating building will also have at least one local leader that can support further learning around these areas.

Funding to Support this Initiative

To support the delivery of this professional learning opportunity, all participating buildings will receive a coaching budget. This budget will be used to help local instructional technology leaders with carrying out activities related to the project. It can also be used for teacher or building incentives, conference registrations, technology equipment, as well as anything else that support the goals of the TRIG Classroom Readiness Activity.

Highlights of the TRIG Classroom Readiness Activity

Ready to Apply for the TRIG Classroom Readiness Activity?

All public K-12 school districts in Michigan are welcome to apply for the TRIG Classroom Readiness Activity. Entire districts are encouraged to apply, but districts can select only specific buildings if desired.

If you are interested in having your staff participate in the Classroom Readiness Activity, click the button below to apply. Before completing the application, please make sure to have the following information for each building:

  • Administration and district designee contact information
  • Number of certified staff
  • Top-to-bottom ranking from the Mi School Data Portal
  • Number of students
  • Grade level(s)
  • MTRAx Data

The application window is closing soon. Please make sure to have your application submitted ASAP.

Have questions?

Please contact Andrew Steinman if you have any questions or would like to further discuss this opportunity.