The Past Always Becomes Present

Austin Dantzer

About Me

I am a 20 year old sophomore at Ball State University. I am a Pre-Law student. I like to take life slowly. I tend to sit back and enjoy the little things. I am at the point in life where I am trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of it. The categories below are big parts of what made me who I am. I know that they will help point out what I am meant for.


I have been good at sports from an early age. It has been a lifelong bond between my dad and myself. For a long time, sports are what defined me. Now I have come to grips with the fact that I am done with that aspect of my life. But, the memories will always be treasured.


Family will be there for you forever. They shape and mold you into the people that you will eventually become. I owe almost all of who I am today to the people that instilled the values and beliefs that I hold true.


I want to be a lawyer when I have finished school. I have always been interested in law and have interned Mr. Mike Moellering at Burt Blee Dixon - Sutton and Bloom, LLP. Below is a link for their website.

Forms of Exression

Music and comedy are big parts of the way I spend my free time and the way I express myself. below are a few videos of my favorite songs and sketches.
Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Lloyd)
Abbott & Costello Who's On First
Kendrick Lamar - i (Official Video)

Video Explanation

The two songs are songs that I really enjoy. The meaning behind them makes you think hard when listening. The sketch video is one that combines my love of baseball and comedy together.

Thanks for Visiting!

Each of the subheadings has impacted my life in some way or another. They have made me who I am and I am thankful for each experience.