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Pros and Cons of Government-funded Healthcare

Pros of government controlled Healthcare are as followed: health insurance gets more and more expensive to the point being unaffordable; doctors could make a centralized national database that would help them to diagnose and treat patients more efficiently; people could go in for routine check-ups, helping prevent health problems early, without fear of the cost; lastly, people that have a pre-existing condition can get insurance.

Cons of government-funded healthcare programs are stated following: government-mandated procedures will lead to doctors not being able to take care of patients properly; a transition period will be necessary where insurance industry jobs are lost, business closures, and new patient records will have to be taken; doctor-patient confidentiality will be compromised by a centralized national database; lastly, patients – sometimes with crucial or severe medical needs- may be forced to wait a longer period before receiving treatment.

Never Land Party's Stance on this issue

The Never Land Party finds this issue to a good idea in theory, but believes if put into practice the problems will likely outweigh any benefits before those benefits can arise. Much reform is needed on all current legislation for this issue.

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