Become an Official Affiliate

Developing your county affiliate

Official affiliates are the backbone of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin. They operate under the bylaws and constitution, while functioning independent of the State Party. They follow the Wisconsin and National Libertarian Party platform and are encouraged to nominate candidates for districts, within their boundaries.

As a Chair here is what you're responsible for:

  • remain in good standing as a LP WI member, abiding by principles and platform of the LP
  • reside in the geographical location of the affiliate.
  • maintain any print or electronic communications your County affiliate chooses to create.
You'll receive state membership benefits plus:
  • Training and support from Affiliate Support Committee; a folder of information.
  • LP Materials that you can offer to your members, as appropriate.
  • Congratulations and Thank you, your willingness to serve is appreciated.
  • Opportunities to earn Affiliate awards at the State Convention

All about State Membership

When you join the State Party, you are eligible to be the Chair of an official affiliate in your area!

Membership in your State Party gives you:

  • an active role in electing the LP WI Officers and Committee members
  • voting on business, like amendments to ByLaws and the Constitution
  • a bi-monthly e-mail newsletter and biannual print newsletter: updates with ideas that increase liberty for you, your family, our state, and our nation
  • Updates on Libertarian candidates across the State and ways you can help.
  • Opportunity for endorsement from the State Party when running as a Libertarian candidate
  • Opportunity to be a delegate at the national LP conventions
  • tokens of appreciation at various membership levels, for staying involved
(Your membership expires after 12 months on the first of the following month. This does not affect Wisconsin voter registration in any way.)