Bonni's bag ladies

This name will work until we have guys join the team :)

Upcoming dates

9/15-10/31 Halloween special embroidery avail

9/18 New hostess pop up special will be avail and announced on tot

9/18 Last day to register for a Celebrate and Connect

10/6-22 Register to attend Spring product premiere at a theater near you. $20 and you can bring a guest 18+ for $20 also. You both will get an amenity.

Welcome to the team

Tina O'Dell and Holly Ulmer who joined with me

Shannon Ward who joined with Miranda Fazio

August numbers

I put these numbers here so that you can see the potential. I have had a slow summer but now that Fall is here hoping to kick back into gear.

Team Sales $9663

My Sales $1061 with 2 parties

My income as a consultant would have been $261.25

My paycheck as a director was $555.24

Thank you and let me know if you want to look to leadership. It starts with being a Senior Consultant. Lisa has a group on fb for anyone who is looking to leadership. Let me know if you are interested and I will add you.

Top in Sales $500+

Christina Sakowski $761

Dorothy Reynolds $1575!!!

Wendy Veasey $600

Jennifer Waltemire $601

Kimberly McKnight $1038

Stefanie Morris $782

Top 10 selling products

Sept hostess special, lg util totes, zipper out, Sept customer special, oh snap bins, keep it tote, mini cindy, baubles case, lunch break thermal, and canvas crew carry all.

If you are looking to add to your display these might be the items to have.

Shelby Huss' booking and selling call and fb event

Wednesday, Sep. 17th, 8:45pm

your computer and couch

Our ED is hosting a call tomorrow night that she has invited us all to listen in on. The Dial-In number 712-432-0900 Passcode:487453 and if you aren't on fb you can follow along on phone. IF you want me to add you to invite please send me a message and I will invite you to the event.