Technology Best Projects of 2015

Kaneesha Jones

Haiku Deck

This is one assignment I really enjoyed. I enjoyed this assignment because you actually could pick quotes about these characteristics that your really liked. I feel like this project was really a reflection on what you feel. By doing this project I learned more about human characteristics. I chose to pick characteristics that I really didn't know much about to learn more about things I didn't know. I feel as if I actually put in a lot of time to make this one of my best projects because I actually enjoyed the topic.
Tagul Word Cloud

This was basically a project about yourself. Those are actually my best assignments that I like to do. By doing this assignment I learned how to create word clouds. Spending a lot of time on this assignment mad it one of my best.

Story Bird

This was one of my favorite assignments because you actually got to convey a message to children. I learned a lot about how to use story bird and how to use it in different ways. This was actually my first time hearing about this site to create stories. I made this one of my best projects by conveying the true meaning of family and the importance.
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Canva Posters

This project was one of my favorite and best assignments. I liked this assignment because you got to express what you wanted to with a poster. My poster I expressed my siblings because I love them very much. I learned a lot about how to create creative posters online instead of with pencil and paper. I made this project one of my best ones by conveying the importance of siblings.

This was one of my best because I put the most time into it.. I learned how to use ToonTastic because this was my first time making a story on this website. On this assignment I did a story on Beauty and the Beast and animated voices. Was very cool!