About Me

Hannah Doyle

Work Cited

Friends, Sports, and Family Events

Self Awareness Invetory

Hobbies- friends, sports, and family events

Activities- Sports and hanging with friends

Values- Family, Believes

My School Strengths

  1. Math
  2. Social Studies

Ways I Am Smart

  1. People Smart
  2. Music Smart
  3. Number and Log in Smart

My Learning Style

My learning style is learning by hearing. Which means I learn better when I hear it than read it.

Personal Globe Inventory

My Holland Code-

Conventional interests involves working with in set procedures and rules.

My Three Careers Clusters

  1. Business
  2. Education
  3. Hospitality

To Be a Cosmetologist

  1. I need training that usually lasts nine to 24 months.
  2. I need a license and certification.
  3. My salary is 7.87 dollars a hour.

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