An Interview With Mrs. Sengsouvanh

By Alicia Gravis

A Look In Mrs. Sengsouvanh's Life

Mrs. Sengsouvanh is the dance teacher here at Elgin High School. She is the one to start the first ever dance classes here at Elgin and she also started the Dance Team back up here. She first came here to Elgin in 2014 with the first dance classes. Later on that semester she then begin the first round of tryouts for the Purple Diamonds Dance team in December. Now with her thirst year here at and her second year with the Purple Diamonds she has done a phenomenal job with what she does and to me has made a legacy.

She started dancing at the age of three. Her grandmother got her into dance classes and she has been dancing ever since. She continued doing study and dance and went on to be on her high school's dance team at Pfugerville High School all four years. She was an officer her sophomore year and colonel her junior and senior year.

After she graduated she attended Blinn College for her basics and was also on the dance team there. Once she graduated from Blinn she transferred to Sam Houston. She was part of the dance team at Sam Houston and also got her BA, a major in dance and a minor in History. Right after she graduated from college she then moved to Chicago and dance professionally for two years.

She went on to marry her high school sweetheart who have been together since they were 14. She also has two little girls named Tylee and Rylee. They are exactly like her mom and have been dancing since they were three. They both have a natural born talent for dance and are the sweetest little girls.

The way Mrs.S teaches I admire because each time she is teaching or doing her job as a director you can see the passion that she has for the art of dance. She knows exactly what to do, how to explain things, and how to break it down for everybody to understand. She makes it look so easy to teach dance but in reality it's kind of hard. She treats all her kids like they are her own and she is the type of teacher that'll never get tired of being around you. The same goes for the diamonds, she has a special relationship with every single one of us and practically treats us exactly like her daughters. She is our mom away from home. She may get angry with us all the time but that's only because she cares, as she says, once she starts not getting angry that's when she gives up.

More About Mrs. Sengsouvanh

  • Grade levels taught: 9-12
  • Classes taught: dance classes
  • Teaching strategies: she lets them work in groups to figure out things they don't understand
  • Hours per week: 70-80
  • Biggest challenge: dealing with parents
  • Biggest reward: when she sees kids actually understanding how to do the dance moves
  • Self-motivation needed: TONS