Weekly Update

May 18-22

Helpful Guidelines for Middle School Distance Learning

To help support your family navigating distance learning we wanted to share a short description of some of the guidelines for distance learning. We understand the dynamics for every family is different and please contact your student's teacher if you need support or have questions with any of the following:

Learning plans are posted to EngageRedmond website each week by 3pm on Friday for the upcoming week. Learning plans are organized by teacher name. Check ParentVue or StudentVue to find your student's schedule.

Teachers are designing lessons that should take students about 30 minutes per class per day to complete. Please work with your student's teacher if this is overwhelming for your student to complete in a week.

Students should follow the instructions from their teacher on turning in assignments. Many assignments will be turned in through Google Classroom.

Grades for trimester 3 will be Pass or Incomplete for all 6th & 7th grade students. 8th grade students will be graded with Pass or No Grade.

Attendance will be taken weekly on Fridays by 3pm. You will notice in ParentVue that attendance codes have changed during distance learning. We are using PAR for students who are participating in class by working on and turning in assignments. CTC is for students who have connected with a teacher, but are not working on or completing classwork. NC is the code that will be used when a teacher has not heard from a student during that week.

Participation Calls and Emails

It is our priority to maintain communication with you during distance learning about your student's participation in each of their classes. This week we will start using our school's autodial and email system to notify you if your student is not participating in all of their classes during the previous week.

We understand that you may be prioritizing your student's work and participation in certain classes during distance learning. This phone call and email will confirm their participation.

If you have questions about their participation please feel free to check your students attendance in ParentVue to determine which classes they have or have not participated and reach out to teachers with questions.

Counselor Corner

Weekly Wellness #7 Parents 1


Due to some delays related to COVID we received notification from our yearbook publisher that all yearbooks will be delivered in August. We will make sure that each student who purchased a yearbook will receive one in the fall when we return to school.

If you would like to purchase a yearbook they are $30. It is also possible to purchase an 8th grade dedication. Please email egms-info@redmondschools.org with inquiries about yearbooks, 8th grade dedications, and/or purchasing yearbooks.

City Invites Students to Submit Artwork for Redmond Skate Park Mural Contest

REDMOND, OREGON – The Redmond Committee for Art in Public Places (RCAPP) announces the Redmond Skate Park as the next location for a student art project. The committee invites youth artists who reside within the Redmond School District boundary to submit concepts for a mural(s) in the Skate Park. ‘Movement’ is the theme for contest artwork. Student submissions will be accepted until May 29. The winning concept(s) will work with artists in residence, Tracy Thille and Kris Cranston, to bring their design to life once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.


To Enter

  1. Artist must be a student, 18 years of age or under
  2. Artist must reside within the Redmond School District
  3. Designs must be horizontal in orientation at least 8.5 by 11 in size
  4. Artist may submit up to (3) designs for consideration.
  5. All entry forms must be submitted by Friday, May 29, 2020


  1. The art must reflect a theme that is suitable for public display at the Redmond Skate Park site. The art must be suitable for park visitors of all ages.
  2. Use of profanity, nudity, drugs or alcohol, political statements, violence, or graffiti style elements in your art is prohibited.
  3. Art should be colorful. Markers, crayons, colored pencils, stencils or other paint formats are acceptable. No logos or advertisements. The artwork must be original in concept and not violate U.S. copyright laws.

Submit Artwork

or mailed entries to:

Redmond City Hall

Attn: Jackie Abslag – Student Mural Contest

411 SW 7th Street

Redmond, OR 97756

Please include artist name, age, school and contact information with artwork. If you have any additional questions regarding the mural contest, please visit www.redmondoregon.gov/artcontest or contact Jackie Abslag by phone 541-923-7763, or email Jaclyn.Abslag@redmondoregon.gov.

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