Sabin Salutations


What Happened This Week?

We had a great week at Townline this week! Here is what we did.

• The children worked on adding adjectives to their Thanksgiving pieces. Your mouths will water when you read them!

• Our reading skill was drawing conclusions. To start this lesson, the kids drew conclusions on the items in my purse. They had lots of fun with this activity!

• All of the math classes continued their focus on addition strategies. Rocket Math is also in full swing in all classes. Please review their sheets that come home from school.

• During our math intervention time, we started focusing on math vocabulary. The kids are having the opportunity to draw a picture that symbolizes a word, create an equation, and write a simple definition. This has been a hit so far.

• In honor of Veteran's Day, the kids wrote letters to the Chicago Honor Flight organization. The smiles on their faces and excitement they had towards this project was amazing.

• Our grammar lesson this week focused on compound words.

• During Social Studies, the kids are working in small groups to become experts on a specific community worker. During this time, they read a text and completed an activity called a Role on the Wall. Please ask about their worker!

What is Happening Next Week?

• I have several conferences next week. Please reach out if you need a reminder of your time. Times were included on your child's midterm.

• The kids will begin editing their Thanksgiving pieces in class.

• Our spelling pattern is ea, ee, and y.

• The kids will learn about Pilgrims and Native Americans.

• Our focus in math will turn to subtraction strategies.

• During social studies, we will focus on city government. The kids will discuss the roles and responsibilities of the mayor vs. them.


• Please make sure your child brings a warm jacket for our cold recess time.

• As mentioned before, I have several conferences next week. Please check with me if you are unsure of your time.

• Our Community Turkey project is due on 11/16/15. Please make sure your child has decorated their turkey and filled in their interview sheet. We will share both next week.

• Don't forget about Raz Kids!

• Library day is Friday.

• I am looking for volunteers to help with conferencing next week. If you are available for writing conferences on Wednesday or Thursday @ 9:45-10:20 please let me know!