Internship at TechStars

Boulder Summer 2013

We're Looking for Growth Hackers.

So you want to learn marketing, eh?

The majority of what you've learned in college textbooks is outdated. They've missed the bus. Sure, basic marketing principles will always remain the same, but the tools, methods, and strategies are changing. Fast. Really, really fast. Most of the technologies that companies use to share their brand and message weren't around when your professors printed their original syllabus 7 years ago.

Welcome to the new age of marketing. It's social, agile and sincere. It's inextricably tied to technology, begins with a deep understanding of the customer and is unapologetically scrappy.

An internship with a TechStars company is going to give you a world-class network, insight into business development and the chance to do significant work that truly pushes the bar forward. You're going to learn about content marketing, marketing automation, email, drip, nurture campaigns, writing, tweeting, infographics, community building and much, much, much more (correct).

Hiring Companies

What You Get

1) A real world education

2) Work with the top 1% of startups in the US

3) Be heard, listened to and appreciated for your insight

4) Sit in on mentor meetings and attend talks by TechStars mentors

5) Ping-pong, free food, TechStars goodies

All interns will be paid a stipend however it should be noted that the position will pay more in terms of opportunities and connections than it will monetarily.

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