Personal Pilgrimage

Jaya Arizala

Location: Philippines

Philippines is such a beautiful place when it comes in tourist attraction such as beaches, hiking places, but people don't know Philippines is one of the Third World Countries. Philippines became Second to the riches country in Asia but because of corrupt government it became a poor country with a lot of economic hindrance. Therefore, poverty became one of the problems and became third-poorest country in Asia.

Street Children and other poor children is my main focus in this journey.

Mode of Transportation

First plane ticket from United State to Philippines will cost around $2072.00.

In The Philippines there's a lot of public transportation which will not cost you that much.

Transportation in The Philippines

Poverty in The Philippines

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Poverty in the Philippines - A Short Vidbook

Timing (Season, length of trip)

Christmas Season is the season of giving. This is the best time for Outreach Programs

since there's a lot of poor families who can't afford food and other things for their family. I want them to experience Christmas Party since they can't go because of lack of money. Also, teaching them about personal hygiene and gifts for them.


For me, helping other people don't need any training. Being part of the program and making kids happy is the only thing we need.

Language Barrier

Tagalog is the main dialect spoken in The Philippines. Learning simple phrases will help you.

Food and Drink estimated cost

There are tons of variety of foods in the Philippines. Street food is the most common you will see in the Philippines. If you are pick you can go to the restaurants for 3 meals and it will only cost you $9.00, and $300.00 for a month.


If you are from a foreign country Roaming and SNS is the best way to communicate.


In raising money, Christmas Carol is the most common in the Philippines.

Anticipated Challenges

There are a lot of challenges in doing this program. How are we going to attract children, place where kids can go easily and weather.