by Tej Patel

Events India has Endured

The main chain of events of India include the kingdoms. India has had many different kingdoms in which there are many wars and battles until the invaders came. The conquerors of the kingdoms of India were the Mongols, and Alexander the Great and Afghanistan's arrogant and greedy king and the Afghans army, and finally the British whom we won independence from with some blood, the contrary is mostly thought to be true, (or in other words the British killed the Indian were much more peaceful, generally). Another main event is the independence movement itself. Which was lead by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi when Great Britain recruited Indians for the World War ii.

Infrastructure and Events/Facts

(Infrastructure and Facts)- India does not have any law for non pollution besides the one that allows the airs and soil to harbor life. Therefore the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has proposed the Clean up Ahmadabad and/or Clean up India.(Facts and Events)- Also there are laws for education to be mandatory (24.6% of Indian population, or about 300 million people, lived below $1.25-79.77 rupees, the currency of India- per day on purchasing power parity)- though most jobs require an education of basic maths and writing that most of the poor people do not have- and most of India's poor people do not know how to live off of their environment and or to get a job, etc so they either die or get malnutrition- if that is the case then the death option is unfortunately looked at as a prize however their pride interfere (which is a good thing that they did not choose to do suicide but also sad that they have to endure such hardships which would not have happened if the invaders had not invaded India).


India's main religion is Hinduism, which can be seen in one of India's nickname, Hindustan. In this religion you could believe that no god exists yet still be a good Hindu follower. This however was seen as a fake religion to the Muslims which caused a great rivalry between India's majority- Hindu, and the minority- Muslims. Consequently Britain separated the two into Pakistan and Hindustan (the official name is India).


In India there are many cultures as there are religions. In the traditional ceremony of Garba were people dance to celebrate a great doing of a god or goddess, etc. The picture below shows a traditional or cultural attire for Garbas
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