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Come to Venice, Italy, and experience the education, history, boat rides and super exclusive food qualities.

Venice Vacation

Saturday, July 13th 2013 at 7-1pm

Venice, Italy


We left the airport at 7:00, to get to Venice via Swiss Airlines. I got us (Me, Manvir, Sydney and Tanya) a great deal of E814 per person for a flight to europe. We saw 4 museums with a Piazza Square deal for only E8.50 per person. In total the 4 museums costed E136.We went to the greatest coffee shops for example Zenzero. We bought gelato, and climbed the dolomite mountains. We went shopping (for Tanya) and went to the beach to just relaaaax. :) . Then, on the 27th we left and got back to pearson at 6:00.